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We have developed an excellent reputation with taking care of the tax needs for a wide variety of taxpayers. Whether you need assistance with financial management, tax filings, audits, or something else, you can count on us for professional service. We have a wealth of information and are looking forward to working with you.

We also provide a variety of non-legal immigration and services including general consulting, completing and filling immigration forms with the appropriate immigration agencies, translations, assistance start to finish by our team, and referrals to legal representation when needed. We handle all cases as a team and any service provider in our office may assist you in your process. 

Services: Services

Individual Tax Preparation/ Impuestos Personales

Duration and Price Vary

Duración y Precio Varia

Assist and prepare individual income reports, provide assistance with the deductions and file the returns with the IRS and appropriate state and local agencies.

  • Uber, Lyft, etc. 

  • Stocks & Crypto/ Acciones

  • Daycare / Cuidado de Niño

  • Business use of home / Oficina en casa

  • Business & Self Employment / Negocio Propio & Effectivo

  • Extensions / Extensiones

  • Sales Tax / Impuesto de ventas

  • Installment agreement / Plan de Pago

  • Late Filing / Años atrasados

  • ITINs

  • Amended Returns / Enmiendas

  • Consults / Consultas

  • Audit Assistance / Ayuda con Auditorias

  • Tax Planning / Planificación Fiscal

  • Offer in Compromise / Oferta en Compromiso

  • And More / Y mas

Immigration Services / Servicios de Inmigracion

Duration and Price Vary

Duración y Precio Varia

Fully registered and licensed with CA Secretary of State as Immigration Consultant. Family immigration, naturalization, renewals and more.

  • Consular Process / Proceso Consular

  • Adjustment of Status / Ajuste Migratorio

  • Citizenship / Ciudadanía (N-400)

  • Application for Citizenship Document / Traspaso de Ciudadanía (N-600)

  • Citizenship Document Replacement / Reemplazo de Ciudadanía (N-565)

  • Residency Renewal / Renovación de Residencia (I-90)

  • Removal of Conditions / Remoción de Condición (I-751)

  • Birth Abroad / Nacimiento de Ciudadano en Extranjero

  • DACA

  • Work Permit / Permiso de Trabajo

  • Advanced Parole & Parole in Place / Permiso de viaje (DACA) y por Militar

  • Affidavit of Financial Support / Carta de Invitacion (I-134)

  • U.S. Passport / Pasaporte Americano

  • FOIA & Fingerprints / Huellas

  • Waivers / Perdones

  • Consults / Consultas

  • Translations / Traducciones

  • And More / Y mas 

Small Business Consulting

Duration and Price Vary

Duración y Precio Varia

Preparation to better manage your company books and to avoid anomalies that could reflect a wrongful income report to the government.

Real Estate Tax Matters

Duration and Price Vary

Duración y Precio Varia

Reporting of sale of property, sale of business, depreciation recapture, amortization, depreciation allocation, rental properties, etc.

Real Estate

Duration and Price Vary

Duración y Precio Varia

Fully licensed realtor, purchase home, sell your home, and real estate and property management advice.

We are not attorneys.

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